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Blue Bloods S11E14

1080P – Episode 14 Season 11 S11E14 The New You Frank and the Deputy Commisioner of Press Information, Garrett Moore, quarrel when Garrett refuses to walk back a quote he provided to a local newspaper. Also, Danny and Baez discover a connection to a feud between local residents and city sponsored hotels for the homeless … Read more

Blue Bloods S11E13

1080P – Episode 13 Season 11 S11E13 Fallen Heroes Jamie refuses to explain why he contests the arrest report of a fellow officer who was assaulted in the field; Danny and Baez clash when their lead suspect for a hug of one of Danny’s favorite comics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMQyeG5C8WM

Blue Bloods S11E12

1080P – Episode 12 Season 11 S11E12 Happy Endings Business becomes personal for Frank and his 1 Police Plaza team when Baker is assaulted on the street, as well as for Erin, when she asks her ex-husband, Jack Boyle, to represent a defendant she’s prosecuting. Also, Eddie wonders if she’s being too stubborn after she … Read more

Blue Bloods S11E11

1080P – Episode 11 Season 11 S11E11¬†Guardian Angels Frank takes matters into his own hands to save Gormley’s career when the officer is accused of using excessive force after decades-old complaints against him become public knowledge. Also, Danny and Baez learn to be allies when the transgender community comes under attack, Jamie and Eddie aim … Read more

Blue Bloods S11E10

1080P – Episode 10 Season 11 S11E10¬†The Common Good Frank asks Erin to liaise between him and NY Governor Mendez regarding policy reform he privately backs, but can’t publicly support, because it goes against police rank and file. Also, Danny and Baez become enmeshed in the world of competitive gaming when a high-profile video game … Read more

Blue Bloods S11E09

1080P – Episode 9 Season 11 S11E09 For Whom the Bell Tolls Baez confides in Danny and asks for his help in proving her innocence after she finds a inactive person in her front yard. Meanwhile, Erin struggles to find a peaceful solution when she receives harsh case notes from her boss.