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Line of Duty S06E07

1080P – Episode 7 Season 6 S06E06 Episode 7 With time running out, AC-12 attempt to unmask ‘H’, the Fourth Man (or Woman) commanding the network of corrupt officers behind the murder of Gail Vella. But sinister and powerful forces appear intent on orchestrating a cover-up.

Line of Duty S06E05

1080P – Episode 5 Season 6 S06E04 Episode 5 AC-12 link Gail Vella’s hug with a historic case of police corruption, and Kate hatches a plan to tell once and for all if Jo is bent. They are closer than ever to cracking the case, but when Hastings’ authority is undermined it leaves his team … Read more

Line of Duty S06E04

1080P – Episode 4 Season 6 S06E04 Episode 4 DCI Jo Davidson faces increasing pressure from all sides as AC-12 make major breakthroughs in the investigation, but an attempt to interview a key witness goes horribly wrong.

Line of Duty S06E02

1080P – Episode 2 Season 6 S06E02 Episode 2 Having opened an official inquiry into DCI Jo Davidson and Operation Lighthouse, AC-12 begin to suspect a cover up. Steve and Chloe dig into Gail Vella’s controversial reporting for clues to her hug, and find links to previous AC-12 cases. Their investigation takes a shocking turn … Read more

Line of Duty S06E01

1080P – Episode 1 Season 6 S06E01 Episode 1 When new information comes to light about a possible suspect in a year-long unsolved murder investigation, DCI Joanne Davidson appears keen to finally bring Gail Vella’s killer to justice. However, after her conduct arouses suspicions, it’s not long before AC-12 are on the case. But as … Read more